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Unfortunately, There are Some Major Inaccuracies on the Website of Prince David Bagrationi Mukhraneli that should be Addressed
(See Additional Articles below)
Plus a Letter from Georgian Scholars about the Succession Rules of the Kingdom and How David is violating them.
Additionally, a Recent April 2013 Prominent Event Honoring the Father of HRH Prince Nugzar, the Head of the Royal House of Georgia
And the special visit of the Patriarch of Constantinople to HRH Prince Nugzar as the true head of Royal House.
A "good faith" gesture on their part would be to tell the truth and not make false impressions or claims.
The official website of the Royal House:
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Demoralized Georgia may renew itself by restoring its monarchy
The Royal Line of Kings & True Successors of the Kingdom of Georgia
Statement of the Royal House of Georgia
Books and DVDs:
The worst part about this website is that it distorts the truth and hides the reality about the true line of the kings. The following will only introduce this.  One must be willing to see the facts and not merely rely on opinions or a one sided approach. Please see the other articles on this subject as listed above.

On Prince David's web page entitled "Dynasty," it states:

(1)  After a short period of independence in 1921, Russian Bolsheviks once again annexed Georgia. In 1930, His Royal Highness Prince Giorgi Bagrationi was arrested. Russian writer Maksim Gorki managed somehow to get permission for H.R.H. Prince Giorgi Bagrationi and his family to emigrate.


It seems rather strange that the Russian writer Maxim Gorky, who was forced to leave the country secretly having been hidden in the large suitcase, would manage to get permission for somebody else, when he could not get it for himself?

It is well known that Prince Giorgi Mukhranski (David’s grandfather) could freely cross the border of Soviet Georgia five times from 1922 to 1932 during a time when there were mass executions and border violators were immediately shot by the Soviet Bolsheviks without trial or due process.

The Georgian Emigrants abroad called prince Giorgi a “red,” because of his suspicious behavior getting in and out with ease when others were shot.  

(2)  The Georgian government recognised the position and rights of H.R.H. Prince Giorgi Bagrationi as Head of the Royal House as well as his legitimate right as heir to the Crown of Georgia. This formal recognition places the Royal House of Bagrationi in a unique position among the former reigning houses.


First of all, this never happened. Contact any Georgian embassy. And second, the Mukhraneli Bagrationi line are not a Royal House, they are a non-sovereign offshoot princely line of the high nobility and nothing more. (See their genealogical line as charted by the Georgian Genealogical Society on The Royal Line of Kings & True Successors of the Kingdom of Georgia or Statement of the Royal House of Georgia

On the web page entitled "Geneology," it lists:

Even though this page is entitled "Genealogy," it is full of royal houses that the Muhkraneli Bagrationi line are not descended from. Listing them as though they were ancestors gives a false impression and can be highly misleading. It is not honorable to promote an illusion of royalty that doesn't exist. None of the following on this page are ancestors of the Muhkranski's except
6. Kings of Kartl-Imereti

    Kings of Kartl-Imereti (Western Georgia and a part of Eastern Georgia) were:

Bagrat II (1466-1478)
Konstantine II (1478-1484)


These are not Prince David's ancestors.

7. Kings of Imereti

Since 1484 the Kings of Imereti were:

Alexandre II (1484-1510)
Bagrat III (1510-1565)
Giorgi II (1565-1585)
Levan (1585-1590)
Rostom (1590-1604)
Giorgi III (1605-1639)
Alexandre III (1639-1660)
Bagrat IV (1660-1661, 1663-1678, 1679-1681)
Archil II (from the Bagration-Mukhraneli family. 1661-1663, 1678, 1690,1695, 1698) -- (This man was not an ancestor, rather he was the brother of an ancestor)
Alexandre IV (1683-1690, 1691-1695)
Giorgi IV (1696-1697)
Svimon (1698-1701)
Giorgi VI (1707-1711, 1713, 1716-1720)
Alexandre V (1720-1740, 1741-1752)
Giorgi VII (1741)
Solomon I (1752-1784)
David II (1784-1789, 1792)
Solomon II (1789-1810)


None of the above are David's ancestors

8. Kings of Kartli

Konstantine II (1484-1505) -- (This man is the last royal progenitor of the Muhkranski line)
David X (1505-1525)
Giorgi IX (1525-1527)
Luarsab I (1527-1556)
Simon I (1556-1569, 1578-1600)
David XI (1569-1578)
Giorgi X (1600-1606)
Luarsab II (1606-1615)
Bagrat VII (1615-1619)
Simon II (1619-1625)
Rostom (1632-1658)
Vakhtang V (1658-1675)
Giorgi XI (1675-1688, 1703-1709)
Erekle I (1688-1703)
Vakhtang VI (1711-1714, 1719-1724)
Kaikhosro (1709-1711)
Iese (1714-1716)
Bakar (1717-1719)
Teimuraz II (1744-1762)


The last royal ancestor of the Princes of Bagration-Mukhraneli was King Konstantine II. They have not had a royal male ancestor or dynast who had sovereignty rights in their ancestry since the early 1500's. The Bagration-Mukhraneli line is an offshoot line with no sovereignty. For sovereignty, one must look to the line of the kings and to HRH Prince Nugzar.

9. Kings of Kakheti

Kings of Kakheti (Eastern Georgia) were:

Giorgi I (1466-1476)
Alexandre I (1476-1511)
Giorgi II (1511-1513)
Levan (1520-1574)
Alexandre II (1574-1601, 1602-1605)
David I (1601-1602)
Konstantine I (1605)
Teimuraz I (1606-1616, 1634-1648)
Archil II (1664-1675)
David II (1703-1722)
Konstantine II (1722-1733)
Teimuraz II (1733-1744)
Erekle II (1744-1762)


All the kings of Kakheti are the direct line ancestors of Prince Nugzar, not Prince David.

10. Kings of Kartl-Kakheti

  Kings of Kartl-Kakheti (whole Eastern Georgia) were:

Teimuraz I (1625-1632)
Erekle II (1762-1798)
Giorgi XII (1798-1801)


The kings of the Kartli-Kakheti (considered to be the kings of Georgia) are not the ancestors of Prince David, rather they are the direct line ancestors of His Royal Highness Prince Nugzar. This web page fails to list the progeny of King Giorgi XII, who are the only ones who hold the right to the throne of Georgia. The website ignores the rightful line and magically substitutes, without any explanation, the last six generations of the princes of Mukhranski, who are not descended from the line of the kings and have no sovereign or dynastic rights to the throne of the Kingdom of Georgia.  

11. Last 6 Generations of Bagrationi Mukhraneli Royal Family

Irakly II (1813-1880)
Alejandro VI (1853-1918)
Giorgi XII (1884-1957)
Irakly III (1909-1977)
Giorgi XIII (1944-2008)
H.R.H. Davit Bagrationi Mukhran Batonishvili (2008)


Misinformation, false impressions and flagrant deception is not becoming of a prince. It is hoped that there is enough truth, honor, nobility and chivalry among the princes of Mukhranski to own up to the truth.

To see a detailed objective chart of the royal houses created by the Georgian Genealogical Society on The Royal Line of Kings & True Successors of the Kingdom of Georgia or Statement of the Royal House of Georgia.

The following shows the rightful place of David's line in the Kingdom. They were non-sovereign, non-royals, but high servants of the Royal House:

On the Prince David's webpage entitled, "The Order of the Eagle:"

(1)  The Order of the Eagle of Georgia and the Seamless Tunic of Our Lord Jesus Christ is a family dynastic institute of the Royal House of Georgia, founded by Saint Queen Tamar (1184-1213) and was reconstituted in 1939 by the grandfather of the current Head of the Royal House, H.R.H. Irakly Bagrationi Mukran, as the main order of the Royal House.

Saint Queen Tamar constituted this order of knights in order to provide aid to the Empire of Trebizond, and she gave it the Tunic of Our Lord as its emblem and as its insignia, a single-headed eagle, in order to distinguish it from the heraldic emblem of the Trebizond Empire. According to tradition, after the relic was raffled off to the Roman soldiers, it was taken to Georgia, preserved and buried in the Cathedral of Svetitskhoveli, along side the insignias of King David.


Oueen Tamar did not originate an order of chivalry. This never happened in the history of Georgia! The first and only statutes created in the Kingdom of Georgia were considered, but never implemented by Prince Ioan (1768-1830), the son of King Giorgi.

(2)  H.R.H. Prince Giorgi Bagrationi was recognised as the Head of the Royal House and heir to the Crown of Georgia, and this has been ratified in Georgia by the three presidents. It was President Mikhail Saakashvili who made the royal family’s Georgian citizenship official, providing them with Georgian passports and identity cards and conceding them the status of royalty on both documents. In 2005, H.R.H. Prince Giorgi Bagrationi settled in Tbilisi, where he resided as the rightful King Giorgi XIII until his death on 16 January 2008.


Neither of above mentioned presidents ever recognized anybody. Nor was there given special status on their passports. Again, contact any of the Georgian embassies. By Georgian law, there nothing special can be written in official passports. Present law of state denies a personal status as a royal. The above is nonsense. Note the inappropriate label, Prince David gives to his his father -- "King Giorgi XIII."

(3)  In 15 November 2007 – during the lifetime of H.R.H. Prince Giorgi (Notice, that Prince David not calls him "Prince" without mention of King.) – His Holiness and Beatitude Patriarch Catholicos Ilia II made a pronouncement in favour of restoring the monarchy in Georgia. This pronouncement had an impact on the Parliament itself, which approved the Patriarch’s proposal, with 102 of the possible 108 votes cast in favour of restoring the monarchy. (This never happened. This is worse than fiction, it is a complete falsehood -- contact one of the Georgian embassies for the truth.) Prince Giorgi himself declared that it was a task for a Bagrationi younger than he, and it would fall by necessity to HRH Prince Davit, who had been educated along side HH the Patriarch, who is well familiarised with the political reality of his country (The truth of the matter is David stopped studying after six class sessions at the high school, which is a well-known fact.)


This website has too many conflicts with the truth, it appears evident that they are trying to hide certain facts and rewrite history in their favor -- not a very honorable occupation.

On the Prince David's webpage entitled, "The History of the Order of Saint Queen Tamar"

This award of St. Tamar was made officially by the Democratic Republic of Georgia in 1918 and recognised as an order of merit. The Order was abolished by the Communists, but its national significance was such that H.R.H. Prince Irakly – at the petition of the Union of Traditionalist Georgians – restored it and proclaimed himself Grand Master, with the consent of his father H.R.H. Giorgi XII who was Head of the Royal House in 1942.


David again artificially called his great grandfather -- Giorgi as the supposed King in 1942, a time that the family of Mukhranski had not even received even the illegal “recognition” from Vladimir Kirilovich.

The falsehoods portrayed on this website suggest the writer is not committed to being factual, but rather to perpetuate some myths and hide the facts about the true Royal House from readers who should be given the accurate information.
Prince David's family raised a claim to the headship of the Royal House of Georgia in the early 1900's based on the erroneous presumption that the Royal line of Kartli-Kakheti, which failed to emigrate, before the Communist revolution, could not survive under the Soviet tyranny, yet they did, and so the Mukhranski claim to be the royal line is mute. It is built on a false premise. The line of the kings is the true line of the Royal House. (  & (See also The Royal Line of Kings & True Successors of the Kingdom of Georgia)

Prince David, His Royal Highness Prince Nugzar and the Patriarch of Georgia created an instrument that would have enabled Prince David and Princess Anna to have a child who would be a dynast, however, unfortunately, after the agreement was ready for signature, Prince David left Georgia and left his wife and refused to sign it. He knows and admitted that HRH Prince Nugzar is the true and rightful heir as stated in the agreement, but refused to follow the ancient house rules.

Because the legally binding marriage contract was not signed, dynastic law was not obeyed. Consequently, according to Georgian dynastic law, any children born to Prince David and HRH Princess Anna, including Prince Giorgi, will not be royals or dynasts. Instead, they will be members of the Bagration-Mukhranski princely line only. This cannot change unless Prince David agrees to sign and honor the marriage agreement and Georgian dynastic law. For a detailed explanation of this, please see Statement of the Royal House of Georgia.

Letter entitled "In Regard to the Matter of Succession of the Georgian Throne" from Well-known Georgian Scholars:
On 2 February of 2012, a letter was sent to His Holiness, the Patriarch of Georgia, Ilia II.  It was 14-pages discussing the legal and historical rights of the Royal House of Georgia and its current succession laws. The following are the concluding remarks as translated into English:
Your Holiness and Beatitude, in accordance with your request, representatives of the two families (Bagrationi- Gruzinski and Bagration-Mukhranski) collaborated on a postmarriage dynastic succession agreement, and the outline of the agreement was sent to you (This agreement acknowledged H.R.H. Prince Nugzar’s line as the true royal line with his dynastic rights passing to the children of Prince David and H.R.H. Princess Anna). Unfortunately, Prince Davit left the country without completing your request and signing this important document. Through God’s blessing, H.R.H. Princess Anna gave birth to a son on September 27, 2011. This fulfilled your wishes as the spiritual leader of this country and H.R.H. Prince Nugzar’s hopes as head of the royal house of Georgia. Yet, because the document clarifying the dynastic succession rights passing through H.R.H. Prince Nugzar to his grandchild through H.R.H. Princess Anna was not signed and finalized, under the framework of Georgian dynastic law and tradition, which is supported by international law, the grandson, Prince Giorgi, is currently only the continuation of the princely line of Bagration-Mukhranski. He is therefore not a royal successor of the Royal Bagrationi-Gruzinski line. (Please see the genealogical table of the Bagrationi Dynasty or the Almanach de Gotha at:
Despite the desire of H.R.H. Prince Nugzar, under Georgian traditions and dynastic law, he cannot name his newborn grandson Prince Giorgi as a future heir and a royal dynast. This will eventually result in widespread confusion regarding who holds the dynastic rights (after Princess Anna). Were Prince Giorgi to become a proper royal dynast, he would surpass his elder sisters T.R.H. Princesses Irine and Mariam Bagrationi-Gruzinskis in the line of succession under Georgian tradition. This is because Georgia is not a member of the European Union and is therefore not bound to consider changing the royal succession to the eldest child, regardless of gender.
H.R.H. Prince Nugzar still wants Prince Giorgi to become a lawful heir, and this is also your wish. Therefore, Prince Giorgi could still become a royal dynast if you will convene the Holy Synod and judge that: The marriage between Prince David and H.R.H. Princess Anna on 8 February of 2009 should be recognized to be in accordance with the Georgian dynastic law of “Zedsidzeoba”. Under this law, Prince David would be recognized solely as the Prince consort for H.R.H. Princess Anna of Georgia. The royal dynast rights of Bagrationi-Gruzinski could then pass to Prince Giorgi upon Prince Nugzar’s death as Prince Giorgi would be a proper Bagrationi-Gruzinski heir. The kingly Kartli-Kakheti line of Bagrationi-Gruzinski would be maintained.
Your Holiness and Beatitude, we believe that should the Holy Synod be convened and the status of the second marriage of H.R.H. Princess Anna conclusively determined, the proper succession of future heirs to the Georgian throne will be finally resolved. May God bless Georgia!
With great respect,
(1) Professor Mariam Lortkipanidze, Doctor of Historical Sciences, head of the Georgian History Department at Tbilisi State University, leading scholar of the Javakhishvili Institute of History and Ethnography of the Georgian Academy of Sciences.
(2) David Muskhelishvili – Doctor of Historical Sciences (1973), Head of Department of Historical Geography at Ivane Javakhishvili Institute of History and Ethnography of the Georgian Scientific Academy (1967), Real Member of the Scientific National Academy of Georgia (1993), Head of Ivane Javakhishvili Institute of History and Ethnology (1999-2006). Head of Commission of History, Archeology and Ethnology of Scientific National Academy of Georgia (2007 - present).
(3) Roin Metreveli is a Georgian Academician and historian. He was the first elected rector of the Tbilisi State University, after Petre Melikishvili and Ivane Javakhishvili. He was a major editor of the Georgian Encyclopedia. He is the author of more than 300 scientific publications and books about Georgian history and Caucasiology. For several years, he was member of the Georgian Parliament. He was Chairman of the Board of Rectors of all Georgian Universities.
(4) Professor David Ninidze, Doctor of Historical Science
(5) Professor Giorgi Otkhmezuri, Doctor of Historical science
(6) Professor Givi
(7) Anania, Member of the Holy Synod, Metropolitan Georgian Orthodox Church, a scholar of Georgian history

Recent Important Event Honoring the Father of the Present Head of the Royal House of Georgia in April 2013:
The late His Royal Highness Prince Peter (II) of Bagrationi-Gruzinski.
In 18th of April, in the Rustaveli state theatre was held concert dedicated to poetry of His Royal Highness, late Prince Peter (II) Bagrationi-Gruzinski. This concert was organized by the Municipality of Tbilisi and the Ministry of Culture of Georgia. This wonderful concert was lasted more than two hours and been broadcasted on Georgian television.

The patriarch was welcomed in front of theater by HRH Crown Prince Nugzar the son of late Head of the Royal House of Georgia Peter (II).

Prince Nugzar is the son of Prince Petre Bagration-Gruzinsky of Georgia (1920–1984), a prominent poet and claimant to the headship of the Georgian dynasty from 1939 until his death, and his second wife Liya Mgeladze (b. 8 August 1926). Prince Nugzar is the director of the Tbilisi theatre of cinema artists.

On 18 December 2007, Nugzar met with Kristiina Ojuland, the Vice-President of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) at the Mariott-Tbilisi Hotel in which Ojuland "paid homage to the Bagrationi dynasty, which has made an extraordinary contribution in support of Georgia".

Prince Nugzar is the senior descendant by primogeniture in the male line of George XII, the last King of Georgia to reign. The Bagration-Gruzinsky line are the rightful heirs to the throne, and Nino Bagrationi, a 90-year-old direct descendant of King Solomon II of Imereti, also recognizes the claim of Bagration-Gruzinsky.

The public audience with standing ovations greeted joint appearance of the Patriarch and of Crown Prince Nugzar in the governmental lodge from a large audience of over 1,000 prominent citizens. The Patriarch of Georgia was present at the concert with several archbishops of the Holy Synod and paid tribute to the organizers for such a wonderful evening. In the private conversation, His Holiness emphasized the merit of the Prince Peter before own country, especially in those hard times of communism. His poetry, numerous lyrics of famous songs and scenarios have become spiritualization of Georgian people through the decades. For its side Prince Nugzar noted that the ability to produce poetry is a special gift which was possessed by his direct ancestors -- the Kings of Georgia.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Nugzar Bagrationi-Gruzinski, by the Grace of God, Head of the Royal House of Georgia, and Heir to the Throne of Georgia, met with His Most Divine All Holiness BARTHOLOMEW I, Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch during a private audience at the Patriarchal Palace at the Phanar in Istanbul (TR), in which the Crown Prince preferred and honored His All Holiness with the Royal Order of St. King David the Psalmist.

The Most Reverend ATHENAGORAS, Metropolitan-Archbishop of Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Venezuela, and the Islands of the Caribbean, (who is also the President of the Regional Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of Latin America), reported that His All Holiness was extremely pleased and expressed his profound gratitude to the Crown Prince. His All Holiness then extended warmest and heartfelt wishes and gifts to the Crown Prince, who had celebrated his 65th birthday on August 25, 2015.

His All-Holiness Bartholomew I Archbishop of Constantinople-New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, born 29 February 1940) is the 270th and current Archbishop of Constantinople and Ecumenical Patriarch, since 2 November 1991.In the Eastern Orthodox Church, he is regarded as the "first among equals" and as the spiritual leader of the world's 300 million Orthodox Christians. As Archbishop of Constantinople and New Rome, Patriarch Bartholomew occupies the First Throne of the Orthodox Christian Church and presides in a fraternal spirit among all the Orthodox Primates. The Ecumenical Patriarch has the historical and theological responsibility to initiate and coordinate actions among the Churches of Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem, Russia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Cyprus, Greece, Poland, Albania, The Czech Land and Slovakia, Finland, Estonia, and numerous archdioceses in the old and new worlds. This includes the convening of councils or meetings, facilitating inter-church and inter-faith dialogues and serving as the primary expressed of Church unity as a whole.

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