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The Changing Face of Europe
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A cultural revolution is taking place all over the earth, but especially in Europe. How it will impact monarchy, politics, human rights, freedom and values is yet unknown, but in a few years Europe as we know it may cease to exist.

From the science of demographics and its impact on culture, we learn the following:

For a culture to maintain itself, for more than 25 years, there must be a 2.11 fertility rate. With anything less the culture will decline and be replaced.

Historically no culture has reversed a 1.9 fertility rate.

A rate of 1.3 is impossible to reverse, because it would take 80-100 years to correct itself, and there is no economic model that could sustain a culture during that long of a time.

Europe is on her last breath, according to the following alarmingly small birth records. As of 2007 the average all around European fertility rate was 1.38 far below what is needed to maintain the status quo of culture, economic values of the nations. For example:

France has a rate of 1.8
England 1.6
Greece 1.3
Germany 1.3
Italy 1.2
Spain 1.1

These numbers are IMPOSSIBLE to reverse. European culture is, according to demograhic science, on it last leg and going down an irretrievable cultural path or journey to its ultimate death. The reason is “As population decreases so does the cultural influence.

But Europe ’s population is NOT only decreasing. It will not only lose its culture values and historical past merely on the basis of a declining population. Immigration is also dramatically changing the face of Europe. 90% of all immigration in Europe since 1990 is Islamic with a different set of values and ideals.

The Islamic fertility rate in France is an amazing 8.1%. Thirty percent of those under age 20 are now Islamic. In southern France there are now more mosques than churches. In 39 years France will be an Islamic Republic or totally different kind of government.

In the last 30 years, the Muslim population of Great Britain has increased from 82,000 to 2.5 million! A thirty-fold increase! There are now over 1,000 mosques in that nation.

In the Netherlands , 50% (one half) of all newborns are Muslim and in 15 years a full half of the population will be Islamic. Russia ’s Muslim population is now 23 million. One in five Russians is Muslim. In just a few short years, it is believed that 40% of the Russian army will be Muslim.

The Belgian government has come to the conclusion that by 2025 one third of all European families will be Muslim. That is just 17 years away. The German government estimates that there are currently 52 million Muslims in Europe and that the population will double to 104 million in 20 years. The German Federal Statistics Office has issued a report that states, “The fall in the German population can no longer be stopped. Its downward spiral is no longer reversible . . . . [ Germany ] will be a Muslim State by the year 2050.

In North America, Canada ’s fertility rate is 1.6 (remember 2.11 is required). Between 2001-2006 Canada’s population increased by 1.6 million; 1.2 million of which was through immigration. Muslims are the fastest growing population in Canada .

In “Christian” America, the fertility rate is 1.6. Because of Latino immigration, our fertility rate rises to the breaking point of 2.11. However, in 1970 there were 100,000 Muslims in America . Today, about 40 years later, there are 9 million! Islamic sources estimate that by 2040 there will be 50 million Muslims living in America --- a political power of immense proportions if they are united.

As mathematicians love to say, the numbers don’t lie. So while Americans and European were laughing at the primitive culture that Islam produced years ago, the joke was ultimately on them. While they drove cars and enjoyed technology, took birth control pills and aborted babies, the Muslims rode camels and had baby after baby. Their “choice” preserved their culture. Europe and Americans “choice” has resulted in a major change --- a very real decline in their culture, their traditional values and their ideals.

Perhaps the following statement, attributed to President Momar Kadafi of Lybia, is prophetic in nature. It certainly seems to be happening:

There are signs that Allah will grant victory to Islam in Europe without swords, without guns, without conquest.
We don’t need terrorists, we don’t need homicide bombers. The 50 million Muslims will turn it [ Europe ] into a Muslim continent within a few decades.

The world we live in is not the world that our children and grandchildren will be living in. There are now more Muslims than Catholics. In fact, some studies show that if Islam continues to grow as it has, in five to seven years, it will be the dominate religion of the world.

(Information and wording obtained from “YouTubeVideo” on Muslim Demographics at: and the article “Broken Arrow ” written by Dave Daubenmire, based on these same statistics:

Yes, there will still be millions of original European people, but the rulers and most influencial domminate culture may be radically different from the present. How this will play out is unknown, but great changes are in the air. This problem is not just a phenomina impacting only Europe, but many others sections of the world. Selwyn Duke in his

Birthrates are now below replacement level . . . in approximately 70 countries; in Western Europe, the figure is 1.38, and in northern Italy and parts of Spain it is below 1. As a result, Europe's 65-year-olds now outnumber her 14-year-olds, and one German province had to close 220 schools in 2006. Children were present in 80 percent of U.S. households a century ago; that number is now 32 percent. (

As a voice of warning, former Governor Lamm of Colorado, in a speech in Washington DC said:

. . . turn [any nation] into a bilingual or multi-lingual and bi-cultural country [and it is destructive]. History shows that no nation can survive the tension, conflict and antagonism of two or more competing languages and cultures. It is a blessing for an individual to be bilingual; however, it is a curse for a society to be bilingual. The historical scholar Seymour Lipset put it this way, “The histories of bilingual and bicultural societies that do not assimilate are histories of turmoil, tension and tragedy. Canada, Belgium, Malaysia, Lebanon, Holland, Great Britain—all face crises of national existence in which minorities press for autonomy, if not independence. Pakistan and Cyprus have divided. Nigeria suppressed an ethnic rebellion. France faces difficulties with Basques, Bretons and Corsicans.” (

He continued, "Arnold Toynbee observed that all great civilizations rise and fall, and that, 'An autopsy of history would show that all great nations commit suicide.'” (Ibid.) To quote demographer Phillip Longman, “The ongoing global decline in human birthrates is the single most powerful force affecting the fate of nations and the future of society in the 21st century.” (
/selwyn122.htm) In other words, this change is no small thing. It is big and will have a powerful impact on cultures and nations all over the earth.

It is important that any nation, which expects to prosper, must develop and cultivate a uniting way of life --- a national unity with one consolidating language to stay together effectively no matter who what cultures live within its borders. The old saying, "United we stand, Divided we fall" is ever so important in this age and time. Being united creates strength and power otherwise unknown.

Monarchy has a unifying influence. It promotes stability, prosperity and freedom. On constitutioinal monarchy, one of the greatest insitutions ever created, the following is quoted directly from the article on "Monarchy and Nobility: Divine Rights and Responsibilities," which shows that Muslim attitudes and teachings are not opposed to monarchy, but are, in fact, in support of it.  Note:

The Quran supports and endorses monarchy as a divinely appointed institution by Allah, the faithful, for the good of his servants. It states that ALLAH favoured his people because "HE raised Prophets among you and made you kings, and gave you what HE gave not to any other among the peoples." (5:21) This shows that kings are a gift of ALLAH--a present or benefit. Something for which one can feel favored or fortunate to have. Al-Fattini said in Tadhkira al-Mawdu`at (#182), "Every epoch has a king whom Allah sends in the semblance (`ala nahw) of the hearts of its people. If He desires their reform He sends them a reformer, and if He desires their destruction He sends them one who shall cause their perdition."

In an article entitled, "Monarchy in Qur'an and Hadith," it states that the "hadith is a proof that kingship is an honored state, as Allah (SWT) would not propose to His Beloved anything dishonorable or disliked, and Allah knows best," which is sustain by the fact that Allah gave Sayyidina Muhammad a royal house and kingdom and the title of king even though he preferred the title of servant. In addition, a number of times prophecy has mentioned that there will be kingship in Islam.  ( The prophet himself wrote that afterwards, ". . . there will be kingship." Al-Dhahabi cites the saying by Mu'awiya, "I am the first of the kings."  In other places it was written, ". . . There shall be a trying kingship (mulkan 'âddan) for as long as Allah wishes it to be. . . . There shall be a tyrannical kingship (mulkan jabriyyatan). . . . There shall be kingship and tyranny. . . ."  (
/QA/qa2.htm) But above all, "The Awaited Mahdi (AS) Shall be a King."  (
/fiqhi/fiqha_e39.html) Of the Mahdi, it has been written that he will be "a man named Muhammad bin 'Abdullah and a descendant of the Prophet s.a.wassalam through Fatimah who will be the Leader (Imam, Khalifah) [King] of the Muslims, rule for seven years and fill the world with justice and equity after it had been filled with tyranny and oppression." (Under note #18 Dr.Suhaib Hasan in his book An Introduction to the Science of Hadis)

In summary, Allah (SWT) praised monarchy and kingship by making it one of the greatest gifts He gave to a Prophet, making it synonymous with prophethood itself in the verse {And Allah gave him [Dawud (AS)] the kingdom and wisdom} (2:251).  (www.sunnah .org/QA/qa2.htm) However, even though monarchy is given "an exalted status," and "Allah shall give kingship to whomever He will," as Sheikh Muslih-uddin Sa'di Shirazi wrote in the THE GULISTAN OF SA'DI, under Maxim 11, "May that prince [royal heir or successor] never govern a kingdom who is not an obedient slave to God." That is, a true prince must be whole heartedly committed to a higher order of things--to the ideals that make people great inside and result in great deeds and good works in their personal as well as public lives. "For in his [the kings or princes] uprightness lies the uprightness of those who are governed by him, and in his corruption lies their corruption." ([Al-Sakhawi] in al-Maqasid)
Much positive good can come from royal families who exemplify the greatest ideals of heaven, even the crowning or towering virtue of love and the good deeds that naturally flow from such a genuine caring for one's fellow man.

Certainly the Kingdom of Jordan is a good example of a benevolent king who cares for the good and benefit of his people. Constitutional monarchy has a proven track record to produce greater stability, contentment, prosperity and freedom, but it needs to have a constitution that is inviolate and like a rock to continue and perpetuate the greatness it creates in the land and for its people. Strengthening checks and balances to stop corruuption is critical to the future. The articles "Sources of Corruption in Government: The Need for Checks and Balances," "Virtue, Greatness and Government" and "The Model Constitution" are highly appropriate to preserve what is good and beautiful in government and keep it from becoming all powerful and oppressive. The future is in the balance and everything that is near and dear is at stake.

It is hoped that great statesmen, heros and role models will appear, who instead of promoting big government will promote freedom, self-reliance and a strong virtuous people who have love, and value voluntary compassion, respect and honor considering that all life is precious.

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