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The Wacky World of the so-called Abbey Principality of San Luigi:
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It is called hypocrisy

           After numerous letters and a lot of patience inviting them over and over again to stop attacking us, they added more wood to the fire. That is, instead of stopping their attack as encouraged, they have insisted on adding another libelous page, not only creating bad feelings, but bad press for themselves. For in reaction, we were forced to set the record straight and publish the private article that they originally objected to. This private article, which was not published publically prior to this time, shows that their claim to sovereignty is utter legal nonsense according to international law. (See the article: "The Truth about the Sovereign Claims of the So-Called Abbey-Principality of San Luigi") However, instead of addressing the contents of the article or communicating with us, they decided to attack us. This is not what a gentleman or scholar would do. Rather an honest-hearted, reasonable person would desire to work things out and not attack people.

           It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that escalating a problem is not fixing it. It only makes things worse especially when we are ever ready to take down our articles provided they take down theirs.

           They do not seem to realize that they are supposed to be a Christian abbey and reflect Christian values. In other words, they are supposed to be peacemakers, not attack people.

          A Christian organization should never be involved in unethical behavior, such as, twisting things, misrepresenting others, using innuendo, slander, making things up as well as violating valid copyright laws. Yet this is what they have done, which is so unbecoming someone who is supposed to be Christian in word and deed.

           The point is, no true servant of Christ would do these things. The Lord declared, "By their fruits, ye shall know them." (Matthew 7:20) In other words, by their behavior, you can see through their masks and pretence and see who they really are. "Hypocrisy" is the word that is used for those who profess to be one thing, but do the opposite.

           If the abbey insists on continuing in this unintelligent path of personal public attacks and misleading information, we will be forced to expose their lack of integrity point by point and show how they have deceitfully distorted the truth and become vile instead of being honorable and Christian in their behavior.

           We are not in the business of exposés. But we respect ourselves enough to defend ourselves and feel correct in doing so.

           To us, the past is the past, and we will forgive. The invitation still stands. All we ask is that they remove their misleading and offensive web pages on us. But if not, the next step is to expose their dishonest and deceitful assertions one by one revealing the true nature and hidden disposition of what appears to be the Abbot himself.

           By doing this, we will set the record straight and proclaim the truth, which is the standard we must uphold in all that we do.

The Attack

1. Background

The Abbey complaint against us was about the report "The Truth about the Sovereign Claims of the So-Called Abbey-Principality of San Luigi," which was sent out privately to the genuine African royal house of [name redacted]. We were doing it as a contracted and commissioned entity. We were asked to help protect them from mistakes that would in the future hurt their reputation among other authentic noble and royal houses. We have since eliminated our official capacity with this royal house, because of their continued association with certain undesirable groups, such as the Abbey. This same report was also sent out privately to our members (over 60 people) by private newsletter.

As an organization, we are to protect the public from those who impersonate royalty or present false claims. We do this through educational means. The report on the Abbey was never intended to be published. It was a private report only.

2. Public Offense on their Part

The Abbey, instead of contacting us about our private report, attacked us publically.

3. Personal attacks

Their attack was personal. Instead of presenting an objective and scholarly rebuttal to our report, they decided to do what any juvenile or immature person would do -- throw mud and negative aspersions at us. They made these attacks personal by using our names along with contemptible innuendo and misinformation about the Commission. Their purpose was to distract their readers from seeing the fact that there is no foundation for their claim to deposed sovereignty.

We will not follow this bad example, lower ourselves and make person attacks, but rather defend ourselves to the best of our ability by telling the truth in a responsible, honest and open manner.

4. Failure to focus on the Report itself

They avoided dealing with the solid facts and historical accuracy that was in the report, except in a shallow way, and for a good reason, as it clearly unveils a dark secret -- they don't have any sovereignty, which means they are not a principality and have no public right to honor others with knighthoods or genuine noble titles. They are nothing more than a private social club making false claims.

They point is, the report "The Truth about the Sovereign Claims of the So-Called Abbey-Principality of San Luigi, cannot be refuted without resorting to fabrication and flagrant dishonesty, which would be easy to discover and expose. There really is no defense against the truth except through falsehood and deception. Therefore, they attacked us instead.

5. Our Efforts to Fix the Problem

We wrote numerous emails and a letter by regular mail asking them to contact us. We invited them to remove their inaccurate and offensive web page. We waited several months and then reluctantly put up the web page "The Truth about the Sovereign Claims of the So-Called Abbey-Principality of San Luigi" to set the record straight and encourage them to contact us.

6. Their Response: Escalate things

          Instead of working with us, as invited and encouraged, like a reasonable person would do, they made matters worse by attacking us again with a new web page using similar juvenile tactics as in the first.

7. Unexpected and Out of Character Actions

Being a so-called Christian Abbey and supposedly being nobles of a principality and chivalric, as heads of chivalric organizations, one would expect a high standard of professionalism and behavior reflecting noble Christian traits and values typical of a gentleman committed to the ideals of what is right and good. We were very disappointed. Their actions instead refect bold-faced hypocrisy and an intemperate spirit.  

8. One of many lies, more to be reported

The Abbey had the gall to lie outright a numer of times. One example follows, more will follow as we continue to show how repugnant their response has been. They wrote:

    . . . We offered [name redacted] and [name redacted] terms by which the matter could be brought to a conclusion. These were:

        - A complete and unequivocal retraction and apology from [name redacted] and [name redacted] for their past comments and actions against us;

        - A legally binding commitment from [names redacted] and any past or future organization in which they have a controlling interest to refrain from any such actions in the future.

The truth: we never received an email, letter or phone call from them, yet they say they offered us terms. When? True to their nature, this statement was typical of other lies. We wrote them at least five or six times asking them to communicate with us with no response.

Also, note that there terms are all one sided. But the lie reflects on their true character. They are supposed to be Christian, but publishing misinformation is not ethically or morally right.

To avoid the just label of hypocrisy, they need to not only "talk the talk, but walk the walk" of a true Christian order.

9. Their nonsensical terms as stated above

As to their conditions, we were amazed not only by the lie itself about communicating with us, but by their audacity to request an appology for telling the truth in a private way and privately fulfilling our contractual obligaton and duty to a royal house. The truth: they publically, not privately attacked us. They have been the offenders and aggressors in this situation, not us. If an appology is needed, they need to appologize to us.

As to a legal binding aggrement. Such is unnecessary as we keep our promises. They can, as requested, take down their web pages, we would then take down ours, and if they re-offend, we would merely open ours back up. It is as simple as that.

We invite them to solve the problem in a way that is in harmony with Christian values and ideals, that which they should cherish and cling to, and not make things worse by personal attacks!


All the major legal principles and concepts that promote genuine and true nobility, royalty and chivalry are contained in the following new book. Note what is says in the first paragraph of the Foreword:

The whole field of nobility and royalty is in disarray and confusion. It is rife with falsehoods, misguided experts, phony princes, and counterfeit chivalric orders. Besides the numerous scams and charlatans that exist, there is a widespread misunderstanding of the international and natural laws that govern dynastic rights. This is a field that is truly divided. This sad state of affairs need not continue. If international law is honored, revered and respected, then everything can be set in its proper order. The grand key to this needed unity is the rule of the just, time-honored laws that already exist.

            The author is Dr. Stephen Baca y Kerr, JD, LLM, MAT, former special counsel to the Imperial and Royal House of Habsburg, Professor and Dean of the Law School at the International College of Interdisciplinary Sciences. His book is The Entitlement to Rule: Legal, Non-Territorial Sovereignty in International Law and it is a masterpiece. Note excerpts of what people have said about both volumes:

"It is magnificently done and of great worth." (Adalberto J. Urbina Briceno, Sc.D., Professor Head of the Public International Law Chair of the Catholic University Andres Bello- Caracas)

"It is a goldmine of references and is a valuable account of a [thought provoking] . . . and poorly understood area of law." (Rev'd Professor Noel Cox, LLM, MA, MTheol, Ph.D., LTh, FRHists, Barrister, Aberystwyth University, New Zealand)

"Dr. Kerr has put together a book that is a "one of a kind" providing what is needed to perpetuate the rights of deposed sovereignty. For all those interested in the legal future of nobility and royalty, this is a very important, scholarly and insightful book to read." (LaWanna Blount, Ph.D., F.Coll.T, vice president and professor at the American College of Interdisciplinary Sciences, Como, Mississippi, USA)

"It is written in a clear and compelling manner. It is hoped that more and more people will become familiar with the laws of justice contained in this book." (Thubten Samphel, director of the Tibet Policy Institute of the Central Tibetan Administration and author of the book Falling Through the Roof, Dharamshala, India)

"Dr. Kerr's book . . . is one of those . . . path breaking works that throws new light on a field of study . . . on the complex legal and philosophical sinews that keep alive [deposed] monarchies. . . . This type of writing fills a huge gap within the royal studies field. . . ." (Dr. Diana Mandache, historian and author, Budapest, Romania)

"The author obviously has a deep understanding of international law and how it relates to deposed monarchies and exiled governments. The content is well structured and well written. I accept this book as conforming to the highest academic standards expected of a master scholar and practitioner." (Alexander Arapov, Sc.D., Professor of the Department of Philosophy and Sociology of the All-Russian State Distance-Learning Institute of Finance and Economics, a branch of the Financial University of the Russian Federation)

"This has been the most interesting and helpful book I have read in the field of nobiliary law as well as international law . . . . It exemplifies the highest level of scholarly content, clarity and depth of inquiry yet presented on this profound and important subject." (Prof. Dr. Mirjana Radovic-Markovic, Academician, Institute of Economic Sciences and Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship, Belgrade, Serbia)

This unique book is being offered for free because of its singular importance to the field of nobility and royalty. Go to the website:            

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