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Ongoing Certification, Membership Costs & Conclusion
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The Need for Ongoing Certification 

To enable the Commission to continue its important work to protect the public from imposters or those who impersonate, and to promote nobility and royalty throughout the earth, continued membership becomes essential and critical.
Ongoing certification not only provides necessary financial support but it bestows a higher level of assurance to the public, because full certification can remain intact only so long as one's case continues to remain on the beyond reasonable doubt or the clear and convincing level. In other words, if one's position continues to remain solid and strong despite criticisms, evidence or doubts presented by critics over the years, then ones certification has passed the important test of time, and one's claim is even stronger and more solid than ever before. Ongoing certification thus provides addition assurance that ones claim is valid and that no fatal flaw was ever found warranting removal of Board approval. Continued membership also affords one the status of enabling anyone who doubts the privilege of knowing one's claim is the genuine, because all they need do is call and confirm that one is truly authentic or real.

After ten years of continuous certification, a claim to a title or aristocratic status is considered to be perfect and inalienable. At that time no contrary evidence will ever be entertained. As far as the Commission is concerned, the claim is final and absolute unless the individual fails to maintain his or her membership.  

Lineal ancestral claims, however, in too many cases could be disproved, since it is so difficult to make a perfect and final determination in genealogy that could not be disproved years later. But continuous certification strengthens the idea that it is accurate and no fault has yet been discovered or is likely to be found. (Please see "Certification and Registration Requirements.")

Certification and Membership Costs 

Because the