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We have stopped taking the survey, but will continue to take comments. In fact, we have added a place on every page to encourage comments and questions.  

The following are the results of our survey. 270 people responded. 46.7% of the respondents came from the United States. 53.3% from other countries which include New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Serbia, Kuwait, Kenya, Russia, Canada, Germany, Poland, Thailand, Costa Rica, Belize, Jordan, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Venezuela, Philippines, China, Ghana, Singapore, Brunei, Italy, South Africa, Slovakia, Sweden, Nepal, Norway, India, Malaysia, Iran, Romania, France, Monaco, Georgia, Ireland and the "Former Kingdom of Hawaii." The average age of the respondents was 41.5.

Question 1: (Prosecute Con Artists) (See: "Home")
 89.6% responded "yes"  / 8.1% responded "not sure" / 2.3% responded "no"

Question 2: (Certify Claims) (See: "Home")
89.3% responded "yes"  /  7.5% responded "not sure" /  3.2% responded "no"

Question 3: (Monarchy is a Benefit to Nations) (See: "Ideals" and "Advantages")  
78.1% responded "yes" / 18.0% responded "not sure" /  3.9% responded "no"

Question 4: (Constitutional Monarchy for My Country)
75.4% responded "yes" / 17.5% responded "not sure" / 7.1% responded "no"

Question 5: (Restore Chivalry) (See: "Orders of Chivalry" & Chivalry and Modern Times")
89.3% responded "yes" / 7.5% responded "not sure" / 3.2% responded "no"

Question 6: (Have a Contributing Noble Class) (See: "Sovereignty")
87.5% responded "yes" / 6.5% responded "not sure" / 6.0% responded "no"

Question 7: (Help re-establish monarchy or support current ruling family) (See: "Ideals" and "Advantages")
 78.8% responded "yes" / 12.2% responded "not sure" / 6.1% responded "no" / 2.9% responded "not applicable"

Some interesting comments are as follows:

USA 2008:

An enlightened and dedicated monarchy is a gift given by God to a nation which seeks to live according to His directives and inspirations.  The duty of the nobility is, of course, to lend support to  the royal house in the effective leadership, guidance and governance of a nation.  At the same time they should be truly attuned to the needs and aspirations of the district in which their authority lies.  As a people turns their face from divine inspiration and contrive to follow their own whims God eventually is forced to abandon them to their own devices which usually takes the form of degenerate and unstable government.  A monarchy firmly rooted in divine principles is, indeed, the best protection against and moderator of such wretched evils.

Truly royal or noble persons live and comport themselves in such a way that their people consider them to be worthy of the honour and authority which they hold.  They are to be the heart and the voice of all that is best in any nation, willing to make the greatest sacrifices for the good of their people.  This is their sacred duty and upon it's performance God will, in large measure I believe, judge them.

Australia 2008:

I strongly support your organisation in its noble cause.  Knighthoods and titles are noble honors that should be earned not stolen.  Royalty is akin to divinity as represented on earth.  It is not something to fake, buy or impost upon.  To even assert that one is of royal bloodline fraudulently is, in my view, a crime or at least an act of gross ignorance and extreme arrogance.

 As a staunch Monarchist and Australian Citizen I am proud to be a serving officer in the Royal Australian Army (Reserve), I strongly believe that Australia should maintain its current system of government as a constitutional Monarchy under the sovereignty of Queen Elizabeth II and her rightful heirs and successors.

In this regard, I believe the Australian system of honors and awards is flawed and should be amended so that it is able to bestow Australian knighthoods on the most worthy members of the Australian community as part of the Order of Australia.

I will be lobbying both state and federal MP's of both sides of politics in Australia to put this issue on the table and to ultimately achieve this.

Australia 2008:

God bless our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth the Second of Australia, all Her Royal Household, Her parliaments in this country and all those in civil authority under Her.

England 2008:

The monarchy in any given nations serves as an excellent figurehead among other roles, and has a great infuence throughout the world that no subtitute can offer. Knighthood and nobility titles enables mature people to look up to them and follow their examples as the great men that they are.

New Zealand 2008:

I am a strong Monarchist and Royalist. I've always admired the British, Swedish and Danish Royal Family and feel that similar monarchies would be useful socially and economically.

Throughout the years from all over the earth, we get great compliments, like "beautiful website," "very informative," "I have read a number of your articles and I approve," "eye opening," "insightful," "I learned a lot," I used to think differently, thank you, for the find job," etc.

Turkey 2009:

Noble classes are the personified expressions of what we exalt as superior values. When the mob sees that there is someone there who personifies these values, they feel a courage in itself to imitate them in extend of its capacity. Nobility is a spark of civilization which calls inferiority to exceed its limits and to open itself to the light.

What is noble must be the only aim of civilization and human society. The prosperity of mankind , spiritual and mental development is only possible by nobility.

The nobility and constitutional monarchy are the guardians of the accumulations of human civilization. They are a barrier against the inferior tendencies of the lower classes and the mob totally. They keep a light of cosmos and the samples of aesthetic,order,courage,honour which are all the spiritual values that create the human ascension through the history.

I'm very proud to be the member of a noble family whose members share the same code of honour.

Various countries 2010: (the following are a few of the typical comments we have received)

Bangladesh: "I think this will be good for everybody."
USA: "I was doing research for a project on the concept of chivalry over time, and your page was a great source of information."
India: "Your sources and information has been very useful to me as a professor of law. Thank you."
USA: "Beautiful and uplifting. "Almost thou persuadest me to be a [monarchist]." (Acts 26:28)
Brazil: "You articles are very helpful. It's too bad there are so many charlatans out there selling fake titles and false knighthoods. Keep up the good work."
Australia: "I like your website --- very interesting and informative."
England: "I find the information to be well-documented and written. The mudslingers comments I have read do not know what they are talking about."
USA: "There is no doubt that this is an honest endeavor on your part. It is obvious from what you have written and from the very purpose of your existence as an association. Well done."
UK: "I am quite impressed with the content of your site. This is the first time I have come across a site with such comprehensive information on Royalty. Thank you and best wishes for your success."
USA: "God bless the nobility and royalty of the earth."
India: "A monarch is like a father to the people."

2011: Many short comments like "excellent" or "perfect."

We encourage you to read and enjoy the articles that follow, which are informative and can deepen one's understanding of the whys and wherefores as well as the true and permanent rights of royalty, nobility and chivalry. The following articles are considered to be especially important and valuable:

(1) "IDEALS"
(4) "SOVEREIGNTY: Questions and Answers, Part 1"
(5) "SOVEREIGNTY: Questions and Answers, Part 2"
(6) "SOVEREIGNTY: Questions and Answers, Part 3"

Article #1: "Dynastic Law" by Stephen P. Kerr, LL.M., JD

Article #2: "The Imperial Family of Brazil" by Astrid Bodstein

Article #3: "German Nobility" by Michael Waas

Article #4: "Nobiliary Law and Succession" by Jan-Olov von Wowern

Article #5: "Royal and Noble Ranks, Styles and Addresses"

Article #6: "HM Juan Carlos I: The King who Championed Democracy"

Article #7: "Genealogy"

Article #8: "Heraldry"

Article #9: "Chivalry and Modern Times" by D. Edward Goff

Article #10: "Demoralised Georgia may renewed itself by restoring its monarchy"

Article #11: "The Royal Line of Kings & True Successors of the Kingdom of Georgia"

Article #12: "A Statement issued on Easter 2010 by the Chancellery of the Royal House of Georgia"

Article #13: "The King and the Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara"

Article #14: "Monarchy Efforts in Serbia"

Article #15: "Sources of Corruption in Government: The Need for Checks and Balances, Part One"

Article #16: "Sources of Corruption in Government: The Need for Checks and Balances, Part Two"

Article #17: "Virtue, Greatness and Government"  

Article #18: "The Model Constitution"

Article #19: "The Changing Face of Europe"

Article #20: "The Return of Royalty to Indonesia" by Gerry van Klinken & Donald P. Tick

Article #21: "Sovereignty in the Holy Roman and Byzantine Empires"

Article #22: "Saved by the Crown" by Joshua Kurlantzick

For "Contact" information or to join the Commission as a contributor or apply for certification for titles, knighthood, status or ancestry, please first read the "Disclaimer and Obligatory Contract." If you fully agree with them, you are welcome to contact us, make contributions, answer our survey and/or become a part of this important cause. Our goals and mission are to protect the public from counterfeit titles, phony knighthoods and fake genealogies. We also want to certify the true and the genuine as well as promote chivalry, royalty and nobility. We need your support. There is so much that needs to be done. We invite you to contribute and join with us.

I have read and agree with the disclaimer, etc., which is merely a gesture of goodwill

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